Forró Zabumbeca to Play for our Capoeira Gerais Boston’s Fundraiser Concert

Capoeira Gerais Boston brings Brazilian forró music to Milky Way, Jamaica Plain as a fundraiser for their international capoeira festival this June.
On Saturday, May 7th at 9PM, Capoeira Gerais Boston (CGB) is excited to host a fundraiser bringing Brazilian forro music to Jamaica Plain’s Milky Way Lounge. Performing at the fundraiser will be Boston-based Forró Zabumbeca, playing forró (pronounced “fo-ho”), a very popular genre of music and dance in Northeastern Brazil. Forró is infectious dance music rooted in the melding of European, African, and Indigenous influences featuring a big “zabumba” bass drum, accordion, triangle, guitar and singing. At the beginning of the event will be a complimentary 30-minute forró dance lesson.


The event follows Jamaica Plain’s annual Wake Up the Earth Festival, in which CGB will be performing. Capoeira Gerais Boston is hosting this fundraiser concert for their upcoming international capoeira festival to be held in June 2016; profits from ticket sales will help fund the summer event.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance and martial art. Capoeira Gerais Boston, based in Marlborough and Jamaica Plain, is excited to be hosting their biggest capoeira festival yet, bringing Capoeira masters from all over the U.S., Brazil, and Europe. Notably, Mestre Acordeon, one of the most famous capoeira masters in the world and credited as one of the first Brazilians to bring capoeira to the U.S. in the 1970’s, will be teaching workshops at the summer festival. Also coming from Brazil and teaching workshops will be Mestre Mão Branca, the founder of Capoeira Gerais. The international summer festival will feature many workshops on capoeira movements, music, history, and Brazilian culture.
For 11 years now, CGB, led by internationally acclaimed Mestre Marquinho Coreba, has aimed to promote tolerance and individual expression to people of all ethnicities, ages, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic statuses here in Boston. Having taught disadvantaged youth in Brazilian slums, as well as children with autism, drug, and behavioral issues, Marquinho believes in the healing and profound impact capoeira can have on all people.
Saturday May 7th 9PM  | 21+ | $12 Advance / $15 Day of Show
Tickets available for purchase here
About Forro Zabumbeca:
Forró Zabumbeca’s energetic, accordion and percussion fueled Northeastern Brazilian forró (pronounced “fo-ho”) dance music will get you on the dance floor all night long. They mix traditional forró classics of Jackson do Pandeiro and Luiz Gonzaga in the style called Pé de Serra (foot of the mountains) with intricate and beautiful originals, infusing the tradition with a modern tinge. They play traditional forró instruments - Oito baixos (8 bass button accordion), Sete Cordas (seven string acoustic guitar), Zabumba (bass drum), Triângulo (triangle), and Rabeca (rustic fiddle) - and mix sophisticated instrumental and vocal harmonies with the funky Brazilian rhythms of baião, xote and arrasta pé. Their music stimulates the senses and gets bodies shaking every time!
Formed in early 2014, Forró Zabumbeca have fast been building a name for themselves in the forró scene and beyond, from Boston to Brazil, performing to packed dancing crowds at venues as diverse as Harvard University to late-night underground forró dance parties. Boston’s WBUR radio station (90.9FM) recently named them “One of The Ten Bands to Catch at Somerville PorchFest 2015” out of over 200 bands, and they have received high praise from some of the greatest traditional Brazilian forró musicians, such as Zé and Luizinho Calixto.



 Forró Zabumbeca
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About Capoeira Gerais Boston:
Gerais means “general” in Portuguese. This name was chosen to signify that Capoeira is for everyone-all ages, all physical abilities, all ethnic and social backgrounds. Through Capoeira’s unique history of discrimination and freedom, Capoeira Gerais Boston (CGB) seeks to promote diversity, tolerance and self-expression. Capoeira combines martial arts, dance, music, and rich cultural traditions, resulting in a physically gratifying and emotionally satisfying experience. CGB believes that personal growth and fulfillment is the foundation for a better society and that is the philosophy behind their name.
Capoeira is an inspiring physical workout; for some people, it becomes a personal journey that builds confidence and self-esteem. Taking that journey in the company of others who share the same goals is especially rewarding for many; and for others, the elegance and magic of Capoeira resonate in ways that are both spiritual and empowering, becoming a way of life.
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About Mestre Marquinho Coreba:
Marquinho Coreba began his Capoeira training in 1988 in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. In 1994, Coreba moved to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to train with Grão Mestre Mão Branca from the group, Capoeira Gerais. While living at Mão Branca’s academy for five years, he made the decision to become a professional Capoeirista and chose to dedicate his life to teaching the Brazilian art of Capoeira.
In 2003, Mestre Marquinho Coreba moved to Madrid, Spain, where he taught more than 100 students within two years. In 2010, Mestre Marquinho Coreba fulfilled one of his greatest dreams: He opened his own school of Capoeira called Marlboro Fitness and Martial Arts, located in Marlborough, MA. In the summer of 2015, after 27 years, Marquinho Coreba graduated to the title of Mestre.  ·