Members of the Legendary Funk Group PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC Live @ The Milky Way 12.19!!

THAT’S RIGHT! Three members of the LEGENDARY funk group and backing band for George Clinton: Parliament Funkadelic will be getting down at the Milky Way Lounge Saturday December 19th!! RSVP & Find Tickets HERE

Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army

Danny Bedrosian is the current keyboardist for George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars, as well as a half a dozen other bands around the nation and the world. Bedrosian is the lead vocalist, keyboardist, producer, chief songwriter, arranger and publisher for Secret Army. This band is a patchwork of genres, races, ethnicities, genders, and spiritual creeds under one unifying musical force. Also at the fore of the band is Parliament-Funkadelic/P-Funk All Stars stalwarts Lige Curry on Bass Guitar, and Rico Lewis on Drums. Bassist Lige Curry is a longtime P-Funk bassist, vocalist, writer, and all around contributor whose songwriting talents grace most of Secret Army’s repertoire.The solid bedrock of Rico Lewis, who is George Clinton and The P-Funk All-Stars’ main drummer, lends a pound of foot to the all pervading mix of Funk, Ethnic Middle Eastern music, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and proto classical movements. The Guitar section is continually rounded up by NYC professor and poet John Deming, and additional vocals are handled by the extremely talented jazz vocalist Teresa Jimenez, and the elusive Alaskan folk singer Moon Child, and P-Funk/D’Angelo singer Kendra Foster. Secret Army is quickly proving its own innovative brand of alternative music, thus lending an important commentary on the state of unity in our world. The hypnotic musical journey, both endearing and baffling, will leave the listeners in endless delight at the new sounds. Secret Army is finally polished with the animation and cartoons of artist Nathan Boucher, who brings an especially unique attention to detail and shimmering colors. Secret Army also serves up a potentially marketable sound, with a youthful energy important to its image and its sound that is virtually unmistakable. This band has a sound and look that one will never forget; don’t miss out on Secret Army.